Thursday, June 9, 2016

Strawberry Mango Haze - Liberty Reach

Strawberry Mango Haze - Liberty Reach
This was originally enjoyed on Marijuana Encyclopedia Episode 8 - the biggest episode ever - when Aaron Cain first visited. This package and review has been hanging around since then.

Opening the package, the bud was obviously condensed. Aaron had it traveling with him for a bit, and it got smooshed, so the bud shapes are not quite representative of the actual product. They're frosted in trichromes and dark amber hairs. When broken up the hairs stayed whole in the flaky broken up flower.

Aroma is funky sweet. There's a deep pungency inside of the vibrant strawberry.

Inhaling is exactly the flavor of strawberry flavoring used in vape juice and candy. It's a sweet, sucrose note blasted by rich strawberry flavoring. That ends with an expression of waxiness that is exactly that of vape juice as well. This flavor is massive. It burns nicely, but leaves lots of dark residue. There's just a bit of haziness to the ends of the flavor.

The high doesn't creep it just shows up after a few. It's got serious talkativeness, an uplifting conversation starter. Legs on this aren't huge, but it's definitely a satisfying high.

Overall, Liberty Reach has been a solid brand the whole time I've been enjoying recreational cannabis, and this is no different. Great flavor, nice looking cannabis, big high, satisfying end, and a deal, as well.

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