Saturday, June 4, 2016

Tahoe Blue Dream Crumble - Honu

Tahoe Blue Dream Crumble - Honu
I've enjoyed a ton of Honu product, and have high expectations because of the serious quality they always produce.

Immediately after opening this package, I was enshrouded in the most complex aroma on concentrate I have ever smelled. I unwrapped this and was amazed as the aromas got stronger when I unfolded the parchment.

There's strong anise notes, with an underlying ginger, eucalyptus and other mulling spice type smells. It was so sharply herbal and fragrant. Leaning in close, there was an almost camphor effect, palpable and medicinal.

The texture of this BHO is like a gummy pool of melted brown sugar, with a robust orange coloration. This did not loosen up or get runny, it maintained it's sticky texture throughout, each dab a sticky orange booger.

I have to derail this review a bit. There was foreign matter in the concentrate. To be clear, in this isolated case it's really overall insignificant.

Likely, this was just some synthetic fiber or human hair from post-processing. This kind of thing happens sometimes. I didn't get a great picture of it, and it's the first time I've had something like this on Honu product. You can see a bit of it in the 3rd picture, but it was barely noticeable to the naked eye. Here it is a bit closer.

It definitely wasn't large, probably just a millimeter or two. I know the team at Honu cares and they work to keep their processing facility super clean. They're professionals who are working hard all the time because they're pushing a ton of BHO. They are also a processor for many great brands - like Rootworx, one of our Sponsors and one of my personal favorite brands. I trust their product and this incident doesn't change that.

After this posted, the folks at Honu reached out to me. They too saw this need for ensuring they - and everyone in the industry -  minimize foreign matter in products, especially in extracts.  Since my first visit to their facility, they've added new equipment, including light tables. This product is also a bit older package - it's been awaiting a review for a while.

Currently, all of their extracts are put through even more quality assurance review than before, to be sure that they minimize any possibility of foreign matter in their product.

It does make me more aware of a concern as a consumer, and it's one that's going to grow as recreational cannabis does. If each half gram package I consume had just a couple millimeters of foreign material that I can barely see, in a month I'll have dabbed about 12 cm of foreign material - that's just under 5 inches. Over a year, that's five feet. What about the producer processors who are not as professionally dedicated as this brand?

To keep things in perspective, this is definitely not the worst foreign matter I've encountered in marijuana. For 20+ years, I smoked marijuana on the black market - who knows what was going on there. Plus, I've had quite a bit of legal cannabis. I've seen dabs with 4-5 mm of foreign matter in a gram. I've had buds with twine wrapped around them. One of my friends got a sunflower seed in with her value-priced retail weed. Shit happens, for sure. I don't have any solution to this. What I can do is relay my experience and open up the conversation.

Inhaling this all of the aromas persisted exactly. The dominant flavor is anise and mulling-spice. Many strong eucalyptus and camphor effects presented in the nasal cavity and sinuses - like a dull sensation of Vick's vaporub.

The terpenes in this must be absolutely huge. I have not ever had a dab with quite this type of flavor profile. Aftertaste hung around at least 10 minutes.

The high on this Tahoe Blue Dream is, in a word, intense. It's sharply attentive and I had a thousand ideas a second. My productivity was huge, and this was a rushing sativa effect. The interested high was focused and had decent legs. This is serious Sativa.

Overall, this is one of the most intense sativa dabs I've ever had. The flavor profile and effect is unique enough, but the rushing, almost overpowered uprising with this was remarkable. 

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