Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Typhoon Yolanda (Pre-rolled) - Sea Level Doobee

Typhoon Yolanda - Sea Level
Friend of the show Danny got this on a recent trip to Ocean Shores - he stopped off in Raymond on the way. He learned a bit about the producer/processor, and these Sea Level Doobees are made exclusively for Mr. Doobees. I'm glad to have it for #TwistedTuesday!

This awesome joint is rolled in a natural hemp wrap and it was hand-rolled perfectly. The tuck used to seal in the end and create a filter is awesome. This is cut well, the joint goes right up to the end of the paper and it is cleanly ended. This is one of the best looking joints I've ever bought.

On the inhale, it's great vegetative and woody. The exhale has a nice oakey quality. Clean woodiness prevails through a complex terpene profile. In the afterfeel, there's a mineral quality. It's like a rich, pink Himalayan salt without the saltiness.

The joint absorbs the terps very well as it burns, there's virtually no resin built up on the natural filter made out of the tuck, all of it stayed on the flower or paper. I like it.

The high here is foggy. Definitely felt around the eyes, this has a moderate calming effect as well. Our souls were centered within the natural environment we were in, and nature was calling from the peripheral. This settled as a deep chill that left us open to the universe.

Overall, this is a beautifully rolled joint with enlightening and calming effects - exactly what I'd want for a day chilling at the beach in Ocean Shores. The price is right, as the legs are pretty short.

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