Monday, June 6, 2016

White Fire OG - Noble Farms

White Fire OG - Noble Farms
I've only had Noble Farms once before, with an older review of their beloved Blueberry.

Opening this bag, a soft and silky smell puffs out but does not spread far. The aroma reminds me of Aaron Cain's medical Hash Plant. It's what can only be called a "hashy" smell - smooth, barely citrus, and mellow.

The bud itself is absolutely coated in trichomes, the name White Fire is for sure. There's a springy texture and it breaks down into nice little leaves and nodules.

On the inhale, there's a muted, soft, hashy flavor profile. It's really mellow, chill. The flavor is remarkably earthy-smooth on the inhale, and has that soft hashy note throughout. My beloved Entwife called this Grandpa Weed, because it's so soft and hashy, almost a faded incense flavor. I dig it, it's definitely chill smoke.

The high comes through in this smooth smoke around the eyes and temples, right away. It smooshed my brain forward and slumped the muscles around my shoulders. I was relaxed and calm, a little dopey but feeling great.

There was some chesty feeling here, but not quite coughy. The majority of this high was medical-grade, anti-depressive, serious uplift inside of a calming fuzzy mellowness. The end had me yawning and restful, the happy continued all day.

Overall, this strain had outright medical happiness and uplift inside of relaxing and calming feelings. I know if I want to chill and feel great, I'm coming right back to this awesome strain.

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