Monday, July 4, 2016

American Pie - Forbidden Farms

American Pie - Forbidden Farms

We originally enjoyed this on the Marijuana Encyclopedia Episode 24 - First Cannaversary! This incredible product needed a stand-alone review. What better day than America's Birthday, the 4th of July!

This flower is incredibly dark edged, frosty as can be, has amazingly carrot-orange hairs, and is green and bright inside. The flower edges are so purple they appear black, and the trichome coverage is serious.

When he came to the table for Marijuana Encyclopedia Episode 23, Taylor talked about how they trim different flowers more tightly or with more sweetleaf based on the flower itself. It's clear these incredible blurple leaves were left to show off the amazing colors.

Dab Tech Danny nailed the overall aroma - smellgasmic! Skunky, burnt-tire aromas dominate the smell and it's so rich and sweet berries. The pungency is unbelievable.

Inhale is dark berries and the exhale has notes of slightly less dark berries. Overall it's a nice array of berry medley, with the full, rich undertone of skunkiness. It's so incredibly smooth, and after smoking a bit the flavor becomes even more robust. Aftersmell on the smoke had a hint like cocoa puffs. The flavor held up to the very last ash.

The high here is a rapid onset, with lots of speedy pull in the center of the head, but the sides slowed down - relativity be damned. I went sideways, this high was potent! Also, it was long lasting with huge legs. This is a great dopey balanced high.

Overall, I'm super impressed by this super-potent, tasty cannabis.


  1. High there - you've now invaded our home, larger than life*, via YouTube! Thank the Boyfrent who, having run out of weedtubers to watch today, simply did a search on Aging Ent and there you are. I had been aware you were trying to get into the video world but unaware that you had made it. YouTubers focused on weed have become like regular visitors to our home, and now you are on the list with Jane Dro, CustomGrow420, etc....

    Welcome to our living room!

    *Larger than life due to the fact we watch YouTube via PS3 on a 60" screen.

    1. Thanks for reaching out- it is awesome to hear from you! I'm glad you're enjoying the video work we've done so far - thanks Boyfrent!

      I'm going to stay focused on written reviews and podcasts for now, but always doing more video is definitely the next stage for!