Monday, July 25, 2016

Blue Cinex - Kush Farms

Blue Cinex - Kush Farms
This was a deal, and it drew my eye especially because of that total cannabinoids number - 40%?! That's huge!

I also just so happened to run into the owners of Kush Farms at Gypsy Greens when I was buying other cannabis to smoke, and they said they've got even better pot coming out! I think this was overall pretty good. I did not get to talk to them about the cure (see below).

There's a sold blueberry kind of smell under a slight skunkiness. The predominant smells on this nug are those of a clean garden or greenhouse.

The nug has huge trichome production. These crystals are everywhere, the buds just encrusted and sparkling everywhere. These buds hold up to pressure as well, keeping their form. Great for bongs.

On the inhale there's a sweet vegetative flavor, an earthy hue under these magnificent, clean, blueberry tones. The aftersmell on the smoke was somewhat repugnant.

There is a particular component to the tastes here that I'm coming to understand are endemic to this brand's cannabis. It's frankly very similar to what moldy weed might taste like, a sort of dry almost dusty tongue coating type aspect but I tore this weed apart inspecting it and bought other bags to inspect as well. I found nothing that seemed out of sorts, neither did several growers and cannaseurs who helped me that night.

I think this has something to do with the cure. I heard they're using some sort of forced air drying as part of the cure and maybe that's it. We've gotta talk about this on Marijuana Encyclopedia I think.

The high on this was heady and came on swiftly around the eyes. This has a buzzy head nad a great smile. The high is talkative but chill, We were truly content and amused at all things.

Overall, the aftertaste aspect taken into context as well, this is great cannabis. The high is impactful with decent legs.

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