Saturday, July 2, 2016

Blue Dream Shatter - Honu

Blue Dream Shatter - Honu
This is the first sponsored post by our friends at Honu. This is a fantastic opportunity to explore even more of their products, and what a great way to celebrate #Shatterday! Today's post is a product I had some time ago, I'm glad to be revisiting this!

One thing is for sure about Honu - when you unwrap that parchment, you know it's going to be amazing. In this case, I had this fairly glowing golden platter of shatter before me. It's semi-transparent, the thin edges are crystal clear.

The product has basically no aroma directly, and the form is incredibly stable.  This has got durability, and bends well when moved slowly, or crisply shatters when you're more direct.

On the inhale, this is clean with a nice citrus taste. It's truly subtle, subdued, like a whiff of lemon zest. The citrusy flavor sticks in the mouth and palate nicely, hanging around for a while. On the exhale, it's smooth with silky mouthfeel.

The high on this incredible Blue Dream is instantaneous, a heavy sideways euphoria struck me. I felt this intense warming sensation spread from the center of my chest out to my extremities. It raced own my arms and legs, tingling warmth down to my toes and fingers.

I slid into a thoughtful voyage, completely lost in a mental travel like Gulliver. I met some imaginary Lilliputians and ended up back in my garage studio, still euphoric, thoughtful, and feeling great.

This was overall a value. At $15 a half gram you can explore so many of the Honu variety - especially at our friends at the Freedom Market - Kelso and Longview! This had intensely heavy effects on the tail of enjoyable fresh flavor profile. The high kept going, and it's going to be back again for sure.

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