Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Bluniverse 3 (Pre-rolled) - JV Ranch

Bluniverse 3 - JV Ranch

I love all the cannabis Johnny Vanella puts out at JV Ranch. This particular strain is one of my favorites and it makes for a great #TwistedTuesday!

Opening the red tube this came in, the first thing I notice is this has got a long crutch! This joint is super-slim style. It is a half-gram joint, in a full-gram sized paper. Overall, it's well rolled and super consistent.

On the inhale, this is all the berries. Strawberry, sweet light blueberry, rich dark blueberry, blackberry, tart huckleberry. All the mountain berries mix into a complex, sweet medley. Exhaling, these berries roll around and stick to the palate in different places, leaving excellent aftertaste.

The high is a potent headfeel. This moved me from the universe into the bluniverse which vibrates at a different frequency. This was happy, a forward leaning high. It left me uplifted and feeling like a ripe bright berry myself.

Overall, this was a fantastic deal. Not only is the flavor remarkably tasty, the potent high was long-lasting. This half-gram joint got two cannaseurs stoned for a journey, even though we felt like we were passing a middle-aged lady's Super Slim between us while smoking it. Good job!

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