Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Infused Joint (Pre-rolled) - Cedar Creek Cannabis

Infused Joint - Cedar Creek Cannabis

Cedar Creek is a solid legal marijuana brand, known for premium buds with historic genetics. Long ago I reviewed the amazing Jack Herer flower rolled in this joint and also the King Tut flower from which the CO2 extract is prepared.

Dab Tech Danny picked this up for a deal at Gypsy Greens - just $12 for an infused, full gram joint! I like that this has a white paper, which I can generally assume will be a smooth smoke. The roll is tight and you can clearly see knots of CO2 where it's soaked in. This is going to be a great ride! There's no real aroma on this, just a general concentrate waxiness, stronger than any of the vegetative flower smell that might have once been there.

This joint fired up right away. It burnt well. even throughout. On the inhale, the overall flavor is just general vegetativeness. There's just none of that pine you expect from Jack Herer. As soon as the first knot of that amazing CO2 pops, the flavor becomes very waxy. The flavor becomes deeply generic CO2 flavor. Again, no real outstanding notes or tones, just a vague, generic "yep that's oil" overall quality.

Early in the high, that Jack Herer starts pulling you up in your chair by the spine. Quickly, this turns the eyes very stoned, and you can feel it. With that uplift comes a bit of chill, lower in the body.

At the end, this joint is hugely waxy. It started in my beard, spread over my cheeks, took over my eyes, then ears. All of me felt like I was dripping in oil. It was pretty intense texture, and was a magnificent quality of this infused joint.

Soon after finishing it, that early uplift was left in the head but damn, we were stoned. Slowed down, and stupid. This is some potent dope. We sat down, relaxed, and talked our blazed heads off. Everything from the chest down was simply turned off completely.

Overall, the legs on this were incredible, this just lasted and lasted. The effects stuck around and morphed throughout the high from that real stoned to a more relaxed and giggly high near the end. This was remarkable, and a deal. I'll be getting the next one of these!

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