Saturday, July 23, 2016

Manastash Gold Shatter - Manastash Gardens

Manastash Gold - Manastash Gardens

Happy Shatterday! This is the second review of a Manastash Gardens concentrate, and we've had some flower too. There's definitely more on the way.

This came in a gem case which is never ideal, unless it's a stable shatter like this.  It clicked around in that gem case when I shook it. I have to point out that the stickers on the packaging look like they're printed on an inkjet. That's really inefficient.

Opening the case, there's no aroma at all.  The dab is an interesting glassy dark coffee brown color. When I bought this, I said to the budtenders, "That's pretty audacious calling this "gold"!" and there were chuckles around.

After playing with it, the center is clearly soft and gooey. On a closer inspection, and especially after letting it melt down a bit on a warm silpad, this has got significant gold color. The dark coffee brown becomes a glistening amber-rootbeer color and there's a greenish sheen overall. There's this magnificent rainbowing effect on the glassy, shiny part.

The hit has a massively fruity flavor, just very generically fruity. Like a fruit punch flavored Little Hug. Under this is a taste like a humid pet shop. There's some quality that makes me think of dirty pooch and old cedar chips in a crowded gerbil cage.  This has a moderate bite to the product. This could have been purged a whole lot better.

Really quickly, this hit with an eye high. It was very calming and before I relaxed back in my chair after exhaling my dab, my whole face was high. This had a wavy effect. There's a central body high that lasted and lasted - very pain relieving. Through the tail of the dab to it's short-legged end, there was an equally dopey head high with that body sensations. I was dumb for sure.

Overall, this could be done quite a bit better. I was not unhappy with it, and I hope that future runs of this are much better purged.

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