Friday, July 22, 2016

Marijuana Encyclopedia 25 - Simon Extracts

Serendipity lead Jon to send a message to me instead of a medical marijuana patient with a similar name. We talked a bit, and it sounded like fun so he showed up for my #MarijuanaEncyclopedia podcast and introduced the first Oregon cannabis to my table.

This was such an incredible experience. He brought trophy glass that made our experience incredible - the dab hookah was life changing. It lead Dab Tech Danny to create a prototype of the show's own dab hookah!

Simon Extracts are incredible - all of them impeccably clean and super potent. Taste is remarkable on each product, and terps are everywhere. If you get to Foster Buds or Glisan Buds you can find some of this premium concentrate available for patients there. Simon Extracts' focus is patients first.

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