Thursday, July 7, 2016

Phantom Cherry Pie - Forbidden Farms

Phantom Cherry Pie - Forbidden Farms
We originally had this incredibly unique strain on Marijuana Encyclopedia 23 - Customer Experience. The phantom is for real here.

This has bright rich cherry aroma, a rich skunkiness under the amazing fruit sweetness. I did not want to stop smelling this, rubbing it between my fingertips and cramming it up my nostrils. The aroma just doesn't stop it's so rich and cherry.

The inhale is huge fruit, cherry everywhere. There's an incredible sensation on the hold and exhale that is almost inexplicable. It is pungent and rich with soft round mouthfeel - here's the phantom effect. This flower had taste until the end, lasting through 7 hits in a 5-hit bowl, each one tasty till the end. The terpenes that were expressed at the end were intense, and even more rich, dark cherry with this awesome sensational mouthfeel.

The effects were massively uplifting, a huge forehead high came on immediately. We got talkative, raucous, and robustly conversational. The legs on this are massive! This is some true get the party going pot.

Overall, this is a great strain with exceptional terpenes. This goes to show you that 16-18% cannabis can be incredibly potent. I often say, this range leaves 'room for more terps', and this flower is for sure an example of that. I'm definitely looking for more of this cannabis.

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