Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Pink Cookies (Pre-rolled) - Northwest Cannabis Solutions

Pink Cookies (Pre-rolled) - Northwest Cannabis Solutions
This joint was well rolled in a clean-tasting paper. For the price, and quality, there's no arguing it's a deal!

Northwest Cannabis Solutions is a huge brand offers several different product lines that are always pretty solid quality - you've seen Legends before and this Private Reserve is not to be confused with Seattle's Private Reserve - a whole different brand.

Opening the tube, this is funky and robust. The joint is rolled pretty well, but the paper did tear on the twist - that is how it came out. It's tight and mostly flower.

This fired up right away and burned with a pretty deep canoe that was most of the entire joint by time it was done. No big, I tossed that in the bong and it was a nice terpy hit.

On the inhale, this is wild and fruity. Heady tropical scents like pineapple and a deeply overripe papaya ride through the smell, which turns very skunky on the exhale. This skunk smell hung around for a very long time - a satisfying smell to walk back in on a half hour later!

This high was a quick slide into warm relaxation. It was satisfying overall. There was a solid dumb aspect to this, we quickly forgot words and the next best thing to do was to go lay down. I took a really solid nap, and then woke up with a serious chill still hanging around.

Overall, this was a deep, rich, indica with potent effects and great flavor. I'll be back for some more for sure.

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