Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Purple Wendell Berry (Pre-rolled) - Manastash Gardens

Purple Wendell Berry (Pre-rolled) - Manastash Gardens

This was an unexpected purchase, I just so happened to have exactly $6 change from my other product purchases. Why not grab a $6 1 gram joint with this dark of flower hanging out in the package!? I'm glad I did!

Opening the package, you can smell such a sweet flavor. The berry flows out on this richly.

This is a nicely wrapped joint, even tho the tip is wrapped loose - I like this so you can see what your flower's going to be like! Good stuff.  On the downside, a bit of weed falls out. In this case, it's show off and really sold it for me with this dark purple flower.

The joint fired up nicely and needed no tending at all throughout the smoke. The paper is really clean and burned without any additional taste I could discern. Good choice and kept fresh.

On the inhale this is sweet, bright berries with sun-lit green vegetables as a primary tone. Sweetness and dark berry flavors ride over the whole experience. 

The center head is like a hat of buzzing around the sides with a laser-like central focus. Legs on this were decent, and the high was solid. 

Overall, you should not be afraid to get low THC product. It leaves tons of room for terps.  The high is strong and unique, as is the taste. This dark, high terpene flower was great. 

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