Friday, July 29, 2016

Qleaner - Spark

Qleaner - Spark

I got this at one of my favorite pot shops, and this was a ridiculous deal. The only other time I had this brand to this point, I enjoyed it. I took a chance on a $13 eighth, and I knew it would be "C" buds.

The tiny buds were accompanied by one single big nug which was at least a gram on it's own. Breaking these down, they had an overall dry and dusty sort of texture. There was about half a gram of stems, not bad considering. The color is a nice range from kelly green with darkish edges on the big nug, to a pale yellow.

A nice aroma clings to these nugs, very clean smell with a hashy note throughout. A couple little nugs had a nice wild skunky odor.

On the inhale there's a slightly sweet, faintly citrus aroma. A pale cleaner or chemical component hangs around the exhale. There's a vegetative aftertaste.

The high is mild overall and starts at the eyes. There's a calming, chill effect. I was foggy and smiley the whole time I had this, and the Happy Hour sub brand is right on target with this!

Overall, for the price this was a fantastic bag of weed. I got a volume for the price, and it's at least as good as what most pre-rolls seem to be packed with. I've already returned for another inexpensive eighth of Spark from the Freedom Market, and glad I did!

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