Friday, July 15, 2016

Satsop Squatch Bud - Wild Bill's Bad Ass Buds

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Satsop Squatch Bud - Wild Bill's Bad Ass Buds

I'm not into sports even a little bit, and I'm not from Washington. So I did not notice at first that these are Seahawks colors on the packaging. My eyes were drawn to the bright green package (almost neon in the potshop lights), and the budtender at Gypsy Greens told me how this was an incredible cinux cut. As soon as I saw the flower in the bag, I knew I had to have it!

This cannabis is trimmed so impeccably!  This is one super tight manicure, and the bright carrot-hued hairs stand out against the bright green and sparkling trichromes. The crystals glitter everywhere and flake away from this tightly-trimmed bud when it crisply cracks.

The smell is like a ripe garden, but tight to the bud. There's a pale sour lime, with a diesel bottom when broken apart. The flower has a fluffy marshmallow texture, when ripping it apart.

On the inhale, it's like mixed herbs, a salad greens sort of flavor on the inhale but that diesel-lime note takes over throughout the exhale and sticks around with a sweet, clean aftertaste.

This high is uplifting, a strong sativa effect through the spine, pulling upward. There's a clear headed attentiveness on this pot. It was so incredibly productive and the legs were outstanding.

Overall, this is a great sativa, but it smells, smokes, and feels much more like a sour diesel than a cinex. The high is potent, and the flower is gorgeous. I'm definitely coming back for more at this price!

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