Monday, July 18, 2016

Strawberry Cough - Honu

Strawberry Cough - Honu

I was super stoked to get a $10 gram of cannabis this beautifully manicured. Of course it was at one of my favorite shops, the Freedom Market in Kelso! Shout out to a great budtender Korey who I first met at the Longview Freedom Market.

Opening the bag the odor is bright, lemony and a pungent diesel undertone. As soon as this gorgeous, tightly manicured beautiful flower is broken, the scent spreads and becomes much more robust. There's a clear lemony smell that strikes me as the terpene limonene - it's not lemonbright. It's more of a dry, pale lemon scent. Strawberry-sweet is barely present near the end of the aroma.

Breaking this down, the long, thick dark orange hairs are throughout the nug. This flower is dark pine colored with so much bright, pale trichomes that they glitter. Those crystals ended up everywhere, too.

On the inhale this has got a rich lemony flavor with diesel that hits after just a moment. That pungent, powerful diesel flavor sticks long past the exhale, which is redolent with citrus and pine. Twisting throughout the experience is a sweet note that struck some who tasted this as clear strawberry. The end is barely a ticklish cough.

The high on this tasty bud is super uplifting. An emotional positivity rides through the experience. Elation and confidence came along and the legs were massive.

Overall, this legal cannabis is perfectly happy, and tasty as can be. It's been quite some time since I reviewed Honu flower - and I'm glad I got this nugget.

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