Saturday, July 30, 2016

Training Day Rosin - Liberty Reach

Training Day Rosin - Liberty Reach

Yes, I'm celebrating #shatterday with a waxy rosin! It's not shattery at all, but it's still in the spirit of things. But first, I'm going to tell you about the first time ever that a #WAPot retailer blatantly lied to me about product.

I went to Bud Commander one time before this visit, and it wasn't great.  I was on a pretty specific mission this day. This was the only store I was going near, and I needed one gram of concentrate. Note, this is a review of a half gram of product. Did I forget how to shop for cannabis or something? Nope, not quite.

When I walked in, I told the budtender exactly what I was after - one gram of concentrate. She had only three concentrates in stock that were not vape products. She pulled one of each out and spread them on the counter. This was actually the one I was least interested in at first, as Liberty Reach is not a brand I generally seek out. If it's on the table, I enjoy it - but I haven't bought this brand in quite a while. It just so happens that the other products looked shady as hell.

I never look at numbers on labels because I'm barely even interested by that. I looked up from the intense staring at the front of three packages, into the budtenders' eyes and said, "These are all one gram, $30 right?" And she said, "Well this one is $35 for the gram, but it's rosin!" and I said, "Sold!".

An hour or so later, after having taking photos (again, who is looking at labels? I got #dabporn to shoot and I wanted a dab fast!) I sat at the table, showing my Entwife my haul and said, "Look I only paid $35 for this ... half gram of rosin!!?!"

I was on the phone instantly just to let them know that they had misinformed me pretty well, at double the cost to me. The man who answered was instantly defensive and said, "I'm sure you just misheard her." Then I explained that I've bought lots of cannabis at lots of different stores and I'm fairly sure about the transaction. I told him I didn't expect a refund or something free, or anything like that, I'd just want to make sure the next person doesn't pay double what they were told. The guy got aggressively mad at me, and when he started shouting how I was trying to cheat him I hung up, laughed for a while about it, then went to dabbing.

This rosin looks like it was made from incredibly thin layers of a variety of types stacked on top of each other, then let to meld. The color on this product is this striation of amber to glimmering gold, in beautiful layers. It was seriously mesmerizing as it flickered in the light.

On the dab, this burns and burns. There's a lemony aspect then intense noseburn on the exhale. The main flavor component after the exhale is burning. There's an intense rasping to the throat on this. It's like dabbing dragonfire. This is similar in intensity to eating hot peppers for fun. I'd say it's on the 1-3M scovilles level. For the price, I want my product to be smooth and flavorful - especially a rosin!

The high on this is really sideways. It's got great uplift with a talkative edge. I felt wobbly in the chair, like being in a slow Tilt-a-whirl. There was no relaxation at all. I felt my body more, and all my muscles were very tense. This had a stoney, forward-movement kind of headfeel. Legs on this were intense. Suddenly, I felt a rough, angry throb deep in my head. This was rough.

Overall, I'm upset by the whole thing. I'm simply not going to give that retailer another chance for my money, I'm staying far away from this product unless it's remarkably cheap or someone else buys it. The product quality was worse than bottom shelf, and priced at 70 fucking dollars a gram.

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