Thursday, August 25, 2016

Northwest Pearl in Shelton, WA

I first picked up Northwest Pearl cannabis just a few months into my cannabis review career. The cannabis is great and I found out these dudes are cool, too! I reached out early via social media to ask, hey what's with this "L.O. Edition" on this Truthband OG? I got a response that it was a grower's moniker. Right on!

Similarly with "Blue Enzo". Enzo is a grower too. Cool stuff. I didn't really expect that a half a year later, I'd be touring his legal, recreational cannabis grow facility in Shelton, WA after getting absolutely faded and into an depth, flowing conversation on Marijuana Encyclopedia Episode 26 with them! Seriously, the coolest of the cool right here.

They're in Shelton, WA - this abundant little town seems to love the Aging Ent and I love them right back.  #SheltonWeed is great!