Friday, August 5, 2016

Alien Dawg - Wild Bill's Bad Ass Buds

Alien Dawg - Wild Bill's Bad Ass Buds
This brand recently came to Gypsy Greens, my favorite local. I've only reviewed one before this, but I definitely have seen quite a few of their strains and they all look really well groomed, and have nice development.

Opening the bag there's a sweet, blackberry aroma. I broke the bud and it's a deep, rich, healthy soil aroma wrapped in a pungent diesel funk. I love this smell, and want my beard to smell like it so it's always there.

On the inhale, there are fresh, tasty lettuce notes - clean, crisp vegetative tastes. This has a sweet undertaste, and a clean aspect like a nice Blue Dream. The flower gets seriously smokey, producing a huge amount.

The high on this starts in the forehead and raised up eyebrows. There's a serious mental effect, cerebral and entertainable. We laughed together some, and did lots of yardwork while high on this. This was a super focused time, with basically no comedown. It was just ongoing focus to a little lesser focus and then I went about the rest of my day, not quite as intent.

Overall, there's a considerable downside to these phenomenal buds. They smoked fast. Real more-ish. I went back for another gram, then another - I rarely do that. I think I'll be grabbing a quantity of this next visit. It's damn good.

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