Friday, August 26, 2016

Black Betty - Northwest Pearl

Black Betty - Northwest Pearl
We originally enjoyed this frosty, sticky bomb #LegalMarijuana with the growers Enzo and 'Lo on Marijuana Encyclopedia Episode 26. The colors on this can't be done justice with photographs, and we tried to with words.

This flower is as green as green gets, and the curled tips and crevices are dark, edging on purple. Everywhere, this is encrusted in bright, beautiful trichomes. It was a bit more dry than Enzo prefers his product to be, but I thought it was delicious. Suck to the fingers kind of seriously sticky-icky stuff. After all, it was named after a sticky bomb - basically a sock filled with explosives, dipped in tar then lit on fire and thrown. Holy shit! But this is definitely the bomb, and it's sticky as can be.

On the inhale, this is really powerful, with rich berry, purple flavors mixed with the crisp bright, almost apple notes of the kief-coated buds. There's an herbal tone to the smoke, with presence and potency.

The high on this is intense. It's stony, and slow, but creative. It put down L.O. and he spent half the podcast sleeping in my backyard in a plastic lawn chair! He should've stopped on that 2nd bong hit and paced himself is what I'm saying! It sparkled a physical restfulness, but a mental creativity. For those of us who were talkative (Enzo and I basically!) the conversation flowed, and got wild. Legs on this were great, and the restful, creative tones are great for restful chilling and talking.

I'm so glad to have had these gentlemen from Northwest Pearl on the podcast, and since we've visited and taken tons of photos, and a full tour coming up soon! They have a completely isolated, reverse-osmosis purified water supply in use, which gives serious clean hydration for the plants.  There are many new products with recreation in mind but medical users really targeted. We'll talk about more of these cool strains that are coming out of this family-owned business that is growing and perfecting all aspects of what they do.