Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Blue Dream Legends (Pre-rolled) - Northwest Cannabis Solutions

Blue Dream Legends (Pre-rolled) - Northwest Cannabis Solutions

#TwistedTuesday is one of my favorite days! I love joints and this one's a Dream for real! We had the flower on an older review some time agoNorthwest Cannabis Solution generally knows what they're doing and we've enjoyed their product in a lot of ways - especially #TwistedTuesday joints.

This has a super lemony aroma, this is almost like lemonade! The scent wafts around and livens up the place. I like the wrap on the joint, it feels pretty damn perfect, and the paper looks to be high quality.

On the inhale this is super clean, and blissful. It's super tasty, with mild sweet blueberry pop on the exhale, where a sudden Gain laundry detergent flavor takes over. It's like overwhelming fruit-meadow breeze-clean and that sticks around a bit on the lips.

While I was trying to figure out the flavors, the high hit quickly with massive uplift. There was a bit of a twisty feel and things got really creative. I was a touch anxious throughout and after smoking this. I spent the whole time shooting magnificent #dabporn to share and it was great. Legs were good, and the uplift, creative, happiness was potent.

Overall, flavors were great on this, the effects were pretty potent. I definitely got a tiny bit antsy out of this, and that's rare for me - I totally prefer sativas.

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