Monday, August 15, 2016

Gimme Sa'More! - Honu

Gimme Sa'More! - Honu

Honu makes some incredible edibles! I got the chance last year to tour their facility - and recently visited to see some massive updates. Everything out of their kitchen is premium.  I got a great deal on 5 treats at the Freedom Market in Kelso, one of my favorite pot shops and great friends of Honu, too.

Opening the treat out of it's clear, mylar, individual packaging, there's slight aroma - mostly marshmallow - and it's somewhat dry smelling sweetness. A faint, faint graham smell comes through at the end.

Literally every bit of the outside of these gorgeous treats are covered in graham cracker chunks and dust. There are virtually no graham crusted spots on any of the treats I had. The bottom is a smooth chocolate disk, which has the cannabis, I think. This looks dank.

The texture is somewhat crumbly on the outside, but pretty much all the awesome graham cracker stayed affixed, even when I cut them in half to get shots, and when I took a massive bite out of one, the remainder stayed intact.

Biting into this, the marshmallow is crisp-edged with a center that is perfectly tender and chewy. Sometimes I like to describe cannabis as being marshmallowy, when you pull it apart and it comes apart in just fluffy tender that rip away from the rest. These Sa'mores totally exhibit that quality, and it's fantastic.

At the bottom of this great treat, the 10mg of THC-infused disk of chocolate is perfect - seriously perfect. They obviously use serious quality chocolate to start with. The texture is remarkably smooth, and there is absolutely no cannabis bite - no tang! Just rich, sweet, chocolate goodness.

I ate a couple of these treats on a really empty stomach, and I think that lead to me digesting them quickly as this high came on fast. It started with a nice smooth body high that got me relaxed and then a real happy uplifted headhigh moved in. In time, this warped into an intensely stoney head that kept me grinning for hours!

Overall these Gimme Sa'mores! were delicious, excellently prepared and preserved, and potent effects that lasted and lasted. I'm going back for more!

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