Saturday, August 6, 2016

Jelly Bean Shatter - Cannabis Northwest

Jelly Bean Shatter - Cannabis Northwest
We featured this on #LateNightDabs and had it originally on Marijuana Encyclopedia Ep 23 - Customer Experience. This was so good we had it as it's own review! Happy #Shatterday!

This is like a golden-amber slab of caramel. It has a sweet smell too, like caramelized kief - a warm aroma. The product handles like caramel too, becoming very pliable when it's warmed the least bit. It returns to holding up it's form after being worked, too.

On the inhale, this is incredibly waxy. There's a truly waxy, clean orange taste. On the exhale, it was even more waxy. The smoke is massively expansive - huge clouds! Aftertaste on this is a dull, citrus that hangs around.

Immediately after exhaling, there's a real sharpness. It's really harsh in the eyes and nose, with a coughing sharpness that is almost debilitating. Huge catharsis comes after that releases - it's a tangible part of the high, as is the coughing.

Following this is the real high, a huge sideways wobbling high that made the chair feel like it was swinging, made the ground rise up to meet us in a rolling flow. This was intense euphoria!

Overall, this is great cannabis, and a great price. The smoke is tough, the sharp feel is intense, but that carthatic ending just adds to the euphoria. 

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