Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Melona (Pre-rolled) - Gold Leaf

Melona - Gold Leaf

I've heard quite a bit about Gold Leaf's quality and standards, in fact the epic Leira Cannagars are working with this brand. I saw it for a deal, so I had to grab it!

Right away, the packaging and the name caused very different reactions from DabTech Danny and me. I was drawn to the glass, the cork, it looks posh. I dig it. DabTech Danny, a health care provider, instantly read "Melanoma", not "Melona". It is what it is. I bought it even though he was .. let's call it vocally and animatedly averse to it.

Aromas on this joint are pretty wild. There's a clean fruit aroma, with rich gardeny hits throughout the smell. Mild, sweet melons and apple hint at crispness.

On the inhale, this has a melon-dominant taste, sweet and fresh. Hold and exhale are very fruity, mellow flavor with those gardeny spikes from the aroma presenting as brief, crisp greenhouse-smell notes.

The terps build up and resinate in the bottom half of the joint. At the halfway point, suddenly, it changed to a syrupy caramel tone. The exhale tasted like living clean earth with spicy bite - like a bit of red pepper coming back to you hours after you ate it. The terps are everything in the end of this joint. It's wild, dense earthiness and syrupy sweetness.

The joint fired right up. It lit very evenly considering the fat tail on it and it burned pretty well throughout with no runs. The end of it was ridiculously resinous and smelled rich.

Uplift on this was gentle. There wasn't a significant high to it, just a real chill, happy kind of fuzziness around the outsides of my consciousness.  Legs were pretty short, but it was still a great experience. There's nothing wrong with a gentle high.

Overall, this joint was tasty, with a nice burn. The flavor metamorphosed, the high was delicate and uplifted. I'm looking forward to more of this brand's products on the table.