Monday, August 1, 2016

Orange Spice - Manastash Gardens

Orange Spice - Manastash Gardens
We enjoyed this on my friend Kat's front porch while I was doing a recent photoshoot. She runs Cascadia Cares, a Chehalis, WA-based non-profit that teaches people to grow gardens in their front yard and helps provide Free Food - Comida Gratis with the help of many local businesses and other organizations.   Her front yard garden is overflowing with food and a tribe of gnomes that live in her edible garden. The head guy there is Hector Salvatore. He knows what's up.

The smell on this is faint like old orange peel. The flower feels somewhat dry as well, with a very low moisture content. The bud crumbles when broken apart, and the aroma stays very low.

Inhaling is dry, with tight smoke that builds quickly. There are rising spice notes over a faint memory of citrus. The vegetative, burning plant matter taste is strong throughout. The spice becomes more apparent in the exhale and aftertaste for sure, like stale cardamom, old nutmug, and cinnamon your neighbor was cooking with.

This has a middle head high, with slight cerebral uplift. There's a mellow, calm high. We were all listenative with this, leading to some great sharing and talking.

Overall, the high was pretty chill, good for our experience. The flower was a bit on the dry side, and flavors were incredibly muted. Legs were decent.

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