Saturday, August 20, 2016

Strawberry Cough Live Resin - Honu

Strawberry Cough Live Resin - Honu
The aroma on this is strong! I love Honu products and their Live Resin has been on my table several times and this lives up to my expectations as always. Dab Tech Danny picked this up on the same trip to Freedom Market where I almost dropped a tiny dab rig. Tiny and expensive. Good thing I caught it!

The aroma on this magnificent, carrot-orange extract is powerful. There's a sharp diesel citrus, truly sweet. Texture on this intense too. It looks like a 5-star fine bubble hash swimming in thin, almost luminescent oil. Aftersmell is sweet, overripe strawberry.

On the inhale is sweet strawberry. The flavor pops, hard.  Aftertaste is clean, slightly waxy but not deep in the mouth at all - just the lips. That overripe berry is everything, and real tasting. Just intense.

Before exhaling, I was feeling a light uplift. My ass was out of the chair quickly, I had a spring in my step and joy in my gait. This happy extract was great for my afternoon! The birds were singing, sun was shining, I was talkative and creative. Although, heavily distracted. This is not for when you have set tasks to accomplish, because you won't be able to finish any of the twelve projects you start.

Finish here is just smooth as can be, there's no drop off which is common with a sativa with this mental level. Overall impressive.

The family at Honu, with their amazing #PurpleTurtle products are our sponsors and I thanked them and shared some of my favorite shots I've taken of their super premium cannabis, incredible BHO extracts, and award-winning Edibles. I wanted to share this Facebook post here to be sure you got to see it too!  Thanks!