Wednesday, August 24, 2016

White Fire OG (Enzo's Cut) Rosin Butter - Northwest Pearl

White Fire OG (Enzo's Cut) Rosin Butter - Northwest Pearl

When Enzo broke this freshly made, amazingly colored rosin out on Marijuana Encyclopedia Episode 26, DabTechDanny and I were just in awe. I was not expecting this little tub to be full of such amazing golden-green joy.

This concentrate was phenomenally clean and smooth. It had a texture like Danny's medical-grade high-potency butter, and a color too. When cut, it let out a rich smell like caramel made of pale lemons. The citrus aroma of of this is muted and mellow and delicious.

On the inhale, there's buttery smoothness. It had virtually no cough. This delicious and when you exhale, it's got a big expansive smoke. I lived in the cloud of this. White Fire OG grows incredibly, like pine trees and it tastes like it too.  There's a really sweet caramelization of that kief is magnificent.

High here is pretty instant. I had all my THC receptors firing before the smoke was completely out of my face. Minutes in, I felt my eyes get heavy, then my cheeks started slumping off my face. It's a good thing I had a massive permagrin with this so that my cheeks could hold up the rest of my face.

My weirdly-balanced head stayed high and talkative for a long time. This uplift was ongoing for a huge amount of time. This is beyond medical grade, this is transdimensional grade. It changed my whole comprehension of time and space.

Overall, this was an immensely joyful experience. The quality and deliciousness is unsurpassed. This is an incredible rosin product, and one that you can find in select retailers. Ask for it by name.