Friday, August 19, 2016

White Nightmare - Forbidden Farms

White Nightmare - Forbidden Farms

I love Forbidden Farms, every single product I have ever touched. I feel really fulfilled with the brand sponsoring! Dab Tech Danny and I recently ran into Taylor out in the wild (you can see their product at the brand new Dank's Wonder Emporium in Olympia, WA). They're helping us grow, and we love sharing all their incredible legal cannabis products.

This is amazing. Opening the jar is a funky, skunky aroma. It's deeeeep. I'm not sure about the nightmare part, because I'm pretty blissful.

Crystals are everywhere on this flower. That's definitely where the white in the name is derived. They hang tight on the bud when you break it down, too. Not to mention the intense amount of thin, orange hairs. They make webs

The trim on this is perfectly done. Forbidden Farms believes in Greenbroz trimming machines, they even do demos of the product. I took some convincing for me when Taylor came to visit for Marijuana Encyclopedia Episode 22, but I'm converted! Then they finish with a hand manicure and this cannabis is absolutely perfect. By the way, was it already 2 and a half months ago?! Time flies.

The inhale is sweet with a round, smooth flavor. It's not mouthfeel I'm talking about. This is a flavor component. I can't explain it any better. The sweetness is like Fruit Stripe gum (you know, the one with the zebra). Exhale is somehow rich and nutty. A sweet nutty like pistachio. An aftertaste comes back sweet, with a component of clove.

Like the flavors, the high on this was sweet and smooth. It had chill emotional uplift on it, and some mellow for the body and mind. I was happy right away and had quick eye uplift. Then, everything went chill. The end was also smooth, with a kick of energy at the very tail. This is some hang out with pals, play board games or slowly wander in the woods kind of cannabis.

I want to thank Forbidden Farms for being such amazing producer/processors, and especially for sponsoring and the Marijuana Encyclopedia. Recently, I shared a post on Facebook with some of my favorite shots of their incredible product, and wanted to make sure you saw it too! All my love to you Balduff brothers, one of our #SheltonWeed pals!