Saturday, August 13, 2016

WiFi Shatter - Honu

Wi Fi Shatter - Honu
This stuff is magnificent especially for the deal. Opening it from the parchment paper, it's amazingly gold, with dark amber lowlights and transparent edges. The aroma on this is pale, but present. It smells slightly grapey.

We had this Wi Fi on the table during Marijuana Encyclopedia Episode 25 when Simon Extracts visited. We also recently had this product on #LateNightDabs when we did a fireside episode!

On the inhale, this is ethereal stonefruit tones throughout - peach, plum, apricot. This sweet fruitiness grows on the exhale of smoke and in the aftertaste. This has a little heat behind it - a bit of a bite on a nasal exhale especially.

This has a slow sink into relaxation, a calming effect all over.  I had a warm high that spreads throughout my extremities. This came back to the mind, instantly spinning things into a dopey, dreamy state.

Overall, the flavors on this are great, the preparation is pretty clean, and the high is pretty intense. It does have pretty short legs, but this was a ridiculous value at Freedom Market in Kelso, where you can (almost) always find a deal on half grams of concentrate!

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