Friday, September 23, 2016

Blueberry Mr. Nice - Triplecrown at High 5 Cannabis


Blueberry Mr. Nice - Triplecrown

When I picked this up, it was on a specific recommendation from budtender Anthony at High 5 in Vancouver. He told me how richly this smelled of blueberry, and he was pretty animated about it! 

Opening the jar, I was struck. It's the smell of a million dehydrated blueberries hanging in a cannabis cure room. Exactly as loud as he said! I love High 5 because I can be sure if a budtender is telling me something, it's going to turn out pretty spot on.

The flower itself is crisp, with a vibrant forest green hue to it. The hairs that stick out everywhere are like crystally vines. There's a structure to it, with hairs that look viney but almost like a carved embellishment in an ancient marble statuary garden.

Breaking it down, the aroma of blueberries spreads and becomes much more pungent. Way in my nose it has a clean soil scent as well, a healthy and growing smell. It's a rich and earthy aroma near the end with an edge on the taste like thick, burnt percolator coffee. Not a bad component, and a definitely undertone quality.

On the inhale it's a smooth, sweet hit. The bright blueberry is up front, then a heavy syrupy component takes over the main body of the flavor on the exhale. It tastes so sweet and pungent it momentarily rides the near edge of repulsive, then near the end it came back to earthy with a specific tobacco flavor. I was reminded of Bali Shag in the navy blue bag, long cut. I rolled my own with that for a long time before I quit a few years back. It's in the aftertaste, deep in the back of the upper palate.

The high on this is relaxing. A sweet calmness settled over me, and I felt receptive. My mind was clear, and happiness was just at the edge of my thoughts. Overall, I had a great sense of well being and chill. There was a definite sideheaded fuzziness that buzzed and smiled into a smooth, relaxed end.

Overall, this is a really great cannabis. The indica effect of this is super chill and stoney, with huge flavors. I was impressed with the flavors present and the relaxed ending. This is great rainy afternoon on the couch with a book and tea cannabis, or kick it and watch a movie with your friend.

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