Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Candy Cones (Sativa) - Forbidden Farms


Candy Cones (Sativa) - Forbidden Farms

These Candy Cones from our great friends and sponsors at Forbidden Farms are magical - and definitely medical-grade. I've smoked a dozen of these so far, and every single one has been awesome. They are ideal and sweet. 

We smoked one of these on Marijuana Encyclopedia Episode 28 - Mat Lee and Michael Hagar, as well.

Opening this sativa joint tube, immediately the aromas are powerful! Big waxy smell hits first. It breaks to grape Hubba Bubba smells - candy sweet. Then, it ends in mellow hashy aroma that is just a tiny hint of citrus.

Taking the Candy Cone out, it's rolled well with a fat gram of flower. There's a huge amount of kief coating this joint. It could be a touch more even, but this particular joint has sat around for most of a month before I smoked it. I think some of the kief probably absorbed into the quarter-gram of hash oil coating the outside of this cone. This honey-golden color is awesome.

The last time I met up with Taylor, one of the owners of Forbidden Farms, he told me about how the processing team does these. First they measure the BHO into parchment, then flatten it out. They drop the temp in a chiller, then while it cools they form it around a sample cone. When it is cool they can just pre-roll the cones in volume, slide a joint into the bho, as it warms to room temp it will stick to the joint. At just the right time in that warming, they roll these in kief harvested from trim bins. 

The kief keeps these from sticking all over the place, and all the ones I've enjoyed came out with very minimal stickage and mess. That's not always true with twax joints on the recreational market. These hold up super awesome for taking to the place you'll smoke - so long as you don't keep it in your hot car or your sweaty pocket.

On the first inhale, there's a nice flowery tone. It's delicate like lavender but firm and mouthwatering. In the middle palate there is a young citrus note, like early white grapefruit. That seems to be barely warmed terpenes releasing from the flower and BHO. 

After the hash oil joints the party, which is early on, the smoke takes on a cedar tone, and becomes quite robust. Even though the smoke is thick, deep, and highly productive, the Candy Cone hits smoothly. Exhaling leaves a firm sweet aftertaste, like a hint of grapefruit candy.

Terpenes that develop while smoking this are intense and this is a mouthwatering experience. My lips were basically stuck together at the end of this with terps. The joint burned perfectly, with a warming and not a burn-off of the hash oil. There was absolutely no drippage onto the crutch, but the paper was soaked in oil right to the edge of it by time it was done smoking. Well done!

This set on pretty quickly with a buzzy, wild, uplifting high. Under this there was a deep muscle relaxation high (probably from the quantity of hash oil in such a short time!). The high was a bit moreish - geeky if you know what I mean.

The sativa uplift is intense. This feels like a "get in trouble" good time. I'd totally do dumb things with this. I had a firm itchy edginess throughout to the end of this. This ended clean after massive legs.

Overall, I'm just glad Forbidden Farms came out with Candy Cones. These joints are super premium, and at the price they're the perfect treat to beat the summer heat!