Monday, September 19, 2016

CBD Yummy - Puffin Farm at High 5 Cannabis

CBD Yummy - Puffin Farms
I got this at High 5 Cannabis, and was recommended this brand by passionate budtender Chuck. He has a serious love for cannabis, and is building a reputation as one of the most well versed cannaseurs in his market. He told me about the sustainability of Puffin Farms and their mission to grow great cannabis sustainably. This brand is Clean Green certified, which is as close to organic as is possible. The USDA doesn't certify cannabis so third partys fill that role. It's all sungrown cannabis.

It is amazing being able to go to a leading retail marijuana store and get clear, accurate information about a brand. It tells me the store cares enough to let their employees learn, and that the budtender took the time to gain that appreciative knowledge, which the farmer in turn took the time to share that information with the store and staff. This lets me know their beliefs and their corporate ethos aligns to some degree with mine.

The flower is robust, and has a thick, sugar-leaf heavy structure. Like many CBD-heavy strains, this is sativa-dominant, and it shows in the bud. The aroma is grassy, luscious and robust. It smells like flowers growing thickly just outside the forest's edge.

On the inhale, this has a ferny, grassy flavor. It definitely tastes robust, natural, and untamed. Mostly, this tastes like weed. There's a nosy bite to this, almost sneezy. It definitely has some near instant facial feeling. The tongue got big and very present, with a loose, slackjawed feeling. This would be incredible for oral pain.

There was a slight dizziness with this, sort of a wobbling to depth perception as well. All the more reason to kick back and relax for a while, and just chill. Instead, all of us started to feel stressed. Our shoulders, back and necks tensed up. It was tough to stay seated, but standing didn't have any release. This stressful effect was not pleasant, four different people encountered similar feelings in two separate sessions. There was nothing stressful about the environment or the group, nothing was weird. We just all got lip-biting, toe-squirmy, blurryface stressed out.

This lasted for a bit, and I finally decided to go to sleep. I was asleep before I was fully horizontal, and I slept heavily for slightly less than I normally would, and woke up refreshed and feeling great. Others reported similarly, except DabTech Danny was up til the middle of the night! That was seriously worrisome weed.

Overall, the odd stressfulness this brought on was weird, but the physical pain effects and sleepiness were fantastic. I wouldn't go for this particular strain gain myself, though it was good. I will give their other high CBD strains a go, I think. The flavors were good on this, and the smoke was natural.

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