Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Chernobyl - Spark

Chernobyl - Spark

This is another one of the really inexpensive products on the shelves of the Freedom Market. They always have the bargains available. While this is really low price product, Spark is pretty decent. Not great, pretty decent.

Opening the bag, it has a pleasant smell like stale Trix cereal. Under that sweetness, up close, is a dry earthy smell. It's exactly the smell of the dry afternoon soil in a large nursery right before they water. Prepetrichor. The product itself is overall small, dry relatively low quality buds and a bit stemmy. However, it's got great trichomes.

Inhaling this flower, there's a vague fruity aroma. Pale fake fruit with sour undertones flow through. These quickly become bitter on the exhale. This bitter bite hangs around quite a while. The bitter turns into a rough hardburn, with acidic, belchy aftertaste that also hangs out with the bitter for quite a while. This hit everyone who smoked it.

The high on this was lightly uplifted. There's a nice clean-headed focus to this that helped me get work done. However, the legs on this were very short.

Overall, for $15 an eighth, it's not terrible. The rough acid-belly aftereffects make me wonder a few things, like what was put in these plants when they were growing, and how short was the flush on this? The high was effective, and if I was really on some struggle, this would do the job to some degree.

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