Thursday, September 15, 2016

Cinex - Moani Naturals

Cinex - Moani Naturals
This Cinex is definitely natural. We've had Moani before, and I believe it is all outdoor grown, in Hawaiian traditions. I'd love to know more, this brand should totally come visit Marijuana Encyclopedia!

Opening the bag this suddenly smells like sweet Christmastime. There's a woody note, brighter than pine and candy sweet undertones. A faint mintiness is on the bouquet.

Dark orange hairs abound on this sappy smelling cannabis. Breaking it down, there's a skunkiness underneath this all.

On the inhale this is fruity and rich. It's got heavy lusty berry flavors throughout the smoke. These robust, wild flavors continue through the exhale, and the skunky-funky flavor sticks in the aftertaste pleasantly.

The high on this starts uplifted and then becomes incredibly sativa, incredibly fast. This is a racing, fast effect. I can do all the things! AT ONCE! Legs on this were very long.

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  1. Not outdoor. They've been known to not pay their workers fairly.