Sunday, September 11, 2016

Crystal Ice Wax - Rogue Raven Farms

Crystal Ice Wax - Rogue Raven Farms

Rogue Raven Farms product hasn't been on the table in a while, and when I saw it for such a relatively low price at the Squaxin Tribe's #SheltonWeed retail store.  Often, we see a gram of this product for $55, $60 or even more. So even though it was a bit more expensive than I normally purchase, it is less expensive than this normally is.

I was more than a little disappointed to get this in a jewel case. I thought everyone using these was using silicone inserts by now. These hard plastic containers are tough because you have to decide whether to leave a dab or two of super expensive concentrate behind, or scrape up bits of plastic too. Overall, it sounds worse than it is (or maybe it's worse than it sounds, I don't know for sure).

Opening this up there is a huge floor cleaner smell. It's waxy and goopy. When spread thin, it has a texture a bit like peanut butter. This is an incredibly dense concentrate too. You can see how dense that gram is in the jar, although we nibbled just a tiny bit before photos.

On the inhale this is incredible bright floor cleaner. Big blooming chemical fake-lemon flavors abound. These massive flavors just kept on, a mouthwatering aftertaste. This delicious concentrate is potent and overall smooth even though it has a bit of a chemical tone, it's a great smoke.

As soon as I exhaled, I blasted off with some serious rockethead. This is an intense effect, very heavy duty with intense spinning, rising, uplifted head. It felt like a few moments passed, but suddenly I realized it was dark out, and getting a bit chill in the garage, and I'd listened to System of a Down's live performance in Yerevan twice, and was getting low on wax.

This had an almost geeked-up intensity. The high had massive, intense long legs. I was primed with intent and hyperaware. This is superfocused cannabis, and the kind of high I haven't had in a good long time. I'll be after this fast heady cerebral high again.