Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mint Wax - Green Ghost at High 5 Cannabis

Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mint Wax - Green Ghost at High 5 Cannabis

From the very first time I visited High 5 Cannabis in Vancouver, I was impressed by the variety and dedication to concentrates. A third of their prime shelf space is dedicated to extracts in all the varieties. Some of the most beautiful looking, and a brand recommended to me by every person who I asked who had personal experience with the product. It only made sense to pick some of this up to share for #WaxWednesday

Before I even opened this up, I was drawn to the label. You can see they provide terpene total in their packaging. This is great information, and worth a bit more to have. The relatively low total cannabinoids don't bother me. I definitely know that numbers mean very little.  I can see from how dry and straight crumble texture this is that this is going to be about the whole experience - lipids, terps, and all.

The color on this is magnificent. It's a bright orange color, and crumble as can be. There's virtually no stickiness to this wax - it even has a matte sort of texture to it. Even after 20 seconds in between my fingers it did not melt down. When cut and smeared it has a texture like peanut butter.

A pale, clean, hashy wax aroma rises out of this concentrate, and on the inhale it is the same, except much more robust. The hashiness bubbles through the hit, then ends in a heavy throat-feel. There was virtually no cough, and it was clean in the aftertaste too - like lavender-orange infused water.

The high on this was absolutely positive and uplifting. This flows upward and around my being like magma in a volcanic chamber, flowing up through me then exploding out into the universe like lava flung against the sky. Uplift and a wide-headed feeling continue for a long time. This is definitely medical grade cannabis extract.

While enjoying this with Dab Tech Danny, we were both inextricably drawn toward something. What it was, we did not know. It was nothing in particular, but something definitely. This recurred each session with this productive dab.

Overall, the color is magnificent, texture is outstanding for the product type. Effects are incredibly potent, and a complex variety of components leading to a robust medical effect. I'm definitely looking for more from this brand.