Friday, September 30, 2016

Green Crack - Heavenly Buds at High 5 Cannabis

Green Crack - Heavenly Buds at High 5 Cannabis
Heavenly Buds is one of my favorite brands, and I'm incredibly glad that they're at my favorite shop in Vancouver, WA! Not only that, Heavenly Buds are friends. We'll be talking a ton about them as well because they're upcoming sponsors too!

This amazing looking Green Crack is all it's cracked up to be! I prefer to call it Heavenly Crack, to be specific on it. This product is so good we went through four separate one gram packages from two different lots to get this review! We also enjoyed this in a recent Late Night Dabs episode. One thing is for sure, there's consistency here.

Bright greens are primary on these gorgeous flower. The bud ranges from minty to lime, and all of it coated in trichomes. The bright ginger hairs are everywhere, and almost seem to glow in the light.

Opening the package, the aroma is fresh and green and huge. The rich scent is pulsating, almost like eucalyptus but much more of a bright, fruitlike smell.

On the inhale there's bright lime and other citrus tones, with a truly sherbet mouthfeel, wide but soft at the edges. This sweet, fruity taste evolves after some warming of the cannabis. There's a brown sugar sweetness on the exhale a few hits in. Deep in the bowl terpy ends of the bowl, there's a rich savoriness like salisbury steak gravy. Seriously.

My favorite part about this strain is the consistent high it gives me. Heavenly Crack has a sharp, crisp uplift. Music becomes more emotive and flavorful, dancing and gleeful movement just happens. The bright flavors carry on in the head effect.  I felt this heavily around the eyes and especially in an upward feeling around the temples and shoulders.

Legs on this beautiful flower are long, the get you through the day sort of effect. It's no wonder, as the master grower/life partner team of Windy and Chad have been in medical for a very long time. Consistency is their goal, and especially in this fantastic strain, they've nailed it. The potency of these effects are for sure what I'd call medical.

Overall, this is one of my favorite strains from one of my favorite growers. This is a go-to sativa with intense potency, awesome flavors, and - most importantly for this one - consistent, medical grade effects I can rely on.

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