Thursday, September 1, 2016

Marijuana Encyclopedia Episode 27 - Seattle Hempfest 2016

It's the 25th Anniversary of Hempfest! We were excited to get the team - @DabTechDanny and myself, along with our #dabwives @BrideofDabTech and @EdiEntwives my own lovely #entwife. We showed up and toured a bit, went around the south end of the protestival. It felt great to take part in history and we had quite the adventure, running into pals and friends all over the place. It was awesome to take part in the protestival! It was an adventure. On the way there, as we pulled into our local potshop Gypsy Greens in Chehalis, there was a truck pulling a trailer with a wheel on fire! They were just putting it out with an extinguisher, so we continued on our way. En route, we saw a trailer with a speedboat behind an SUV blow it's tire out at doing 75 on I-5 Southbound. It was nuts. Everyone got flipped out later on when we could not get our rental away from a cavalcade of boat and horse trailers for several miles. I was trying my best but we were surrounded. Somehow that made it my fault!

As soon as we arrived, we saw some awesome patriot taking protest bonghits right on the main pathway. Passing them, my wife recognized Budtender Jordan from Cannabis 21, and I realized that the braided young man with the bong is none-other-than Budtender Jeremiah, also from Cannabis 21, who was on Marijuana Encyclopedia Episode 10.

Throughout the time we hung out, lots of protest happened. Someone showed up with a retail-purchased 5-pack of amazing Heavenly Buds hand-rolled ATF joints. The day was saved by Steve from High End Marketplace, who I first met at Hempfest. It was actually a lot like Windy and I summoned him. She was like "Oh I could really go for a dab right now" and lo and behold, some dude I was about to get stoned with came wandering up behind the tent with a Pelican case and an array of dabs.

I was thoroughly impressed with Skord brand cannabis, which was dabbed around the circle generously. Shout out once more to all our Sponsors - Forbidden Farms, Honu, High 5 Cannabis, and Northwest Pearl! Plus advertisers Rootworx and Green Barn Farms!

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