Saturday, September 10, 2016

Marijuana Encyclopedia Episode 28 - Mat Lee

Sometimes you meet a person and think, "Wow. This person has got some issues. I should be their friend." Mat Lee is just such a fellow. He's a boisterous, loud, wild cannabis professional with years of podcasting, reviewing, and writing under his belt. He is also managing editor at Cannabiz Journal, and brought another editor and writer/photog, Michael Hagar along. Since then, Michael and I had a chill session with some sparkling Honu Live Resin.

While this is not the longest ever Marijuana Encyclopedia, it was indeed the longest ever session with a guest. We hung out for 10 hours, talking, sharing, discussing, and most of all living that #dablife. I feel like I met a kindred spirit in that regard. I have to say though, I felt like a novitiate next to this rockstar dab lab rat prolific and hardworking professional.

Being a 'professional' is even harder. Apparently, you also have to have a massive amount of glass and Pelican cases to carry them in. This is what separates professionals from other categories of cannaseur. Mat Lee definitely had that. He is a glass reviewer after all. There's nothing cannabis related this guy won't do - we even talked a bit about suppository reviews (he likes them 3 at a time, that's what he said off the record, I swear).

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