Friday, September 16, 2016

Marijuana Encyclopedia Episode 29 - High 5 Meet Heavenly Buds

Our awesome sponsor High 5 Cannabis is hosting a huge number of high profile Meet the Grower events, including our amazing friends Heavenly Buds! This venue already feels like an upscale social club. It only makes sense to add in a variety of fun, informative events showcasing the best brands in #WAPot! High 5 Cannabis is doing it right and the staff are unique individuals.

This was outstanding! High 5 Cannabis let me use the front end desk/table piece they have from an old Ford (it's believed to be a '55). I got to podcast from there, chill with the crowd right as they walked up, talk about what I do, tell tales of High 5 Cannabis and Heavenly Buds, and share the love!

Overall, this was an excellent time. The atmosphere was festive and informative. Customers all mentioned how they felt they were learning a large amount. One even sat down on the podcast - thanks Jerri!

We also did some of our first giveaways, handing out swag bags featuring a variety of #WAPot brands stickers, doob tubes, Tshirts, hats, and more! It was such a fun time!

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