Friday, September 2, 2016

Purple Diesel - Wild Bill's Bad Ass Buds

Purple Diesel - Wild Bill's Bad Ass Buds

I don't often get into genetics too deeply, because in Washington's recreational market it's rarely relevant. I found out this is Pre98 Bubba and some ripe Diesel cut from the medical market. It's definitely colorful and has serious Pre98 phenotype expressions. Also, incredibly photogenic. I had to self-edit this hard.

This cannabis is trimmed ultra-tight. Professional as it gets. The aroma is rich and funky like Pre98. Underneath is a mild citrus sweetness, with a clean vegetative finish. It sticks around on the fingers for a long while. The flower breaks down into

On the inhale, there's a positive sweet undertone that comes first, low. Then a soft funk rolls in, leaving that deep back of the throat robust funk of a real Pre98. This hits deep and rich. Everything is robusy wild berry flavors and grape sweetness in the aftertaste.

There's a super strong uplift on this. I call this the Rockethead Effect. Instantly, I was up, with a spring in my step and activity in mind. This is really fast cannabis, with pretty short legs like you'd expect from profound sativa-dominant strains. Near the end of this high, I felt a foggy mental dopiness for a while, and the end was abrupt as could be. I needed weed naps hard, but did not get them.

Overall, this is some premium cannabis, with a real pro trim, and clearly treated well. I went through this cannabis very fast, like the other times I've had Wild Bill's Bad Ass Buds. This is a toss up when I see the brand on the shelves. It's well manicured cannabis with great effects and good pricing, but I know I'm going to smoke it all in an afternoon. As it turns out, I've bought this several times again.