Saturday, September 17, 2016

Sunset Sherbet - Evergrow Northwest at High 5 Cannabis


Sunset Sherbet - Evergrow Northwest at High 5 Cannabis

I've heard amazing things about this brand, but had not enjoyed it yet. I'm so glad I picked up this Evergrow Northwest the last time I visited High 5 Cannabis down in Vancouver. They are seriously the best store around, their staff is remarkably knowledgable and their selection is insane.

Opening the bag, it's just dank! The smell is incredibly pungent. There's a rich burnt tire smell, the rich terpene profile is so intense. End of the aroma is somewhat pissy. This is a sought after component, to some cannaseurs.

The nugs are dark green in placesbut mostly blurple, so dark under a layer of dense, crumbling, hashy trichomes on this cannabis. It's ridiculous. This is truly some top-shelf looking and smelling cannabis. When I broke the nug, that kief went everywhere. That rich, vibrant royal purple continued down to the center of these nugs.

On the inhale it's smooth as can be. Right away, that burnt tire dankness is everywhere. A hugely sweet, grapey flavor accompanies a fuzzy vegetative mouthfeel - like eating kiwi skin.

The thoughtful, heady high bubbled up and around my head and mind. It was a deeply introverted experience. I was content, thoughtful, with imaginative wanderings and wonderings. It was definitely hard to talk with this. I wanted to share some of my thoughts with Dab Tech Danny as we drove from Mat Lee's studio!

You know, Mat Lee from the prolific cannabis podcast - Hotbox.Earth, and one of the reviewers at Stuff Stoners Like, not to mention my guest on Marijuana Encyclopedia Episode 28 alongside Michael Hagar of Cannabiz Journal! We actually visited @theJamHole and it was awesome. Thanks for the glass bro! Can't wait until we collaborate again (soon).

Overall this intense, stoney high was exceptional for losing track of time and space as a passenger in a car on a decent ride. I really appreciated the long legs, because I did not want this ride to end.