Saturday, September 3, 2016

Trinity Shatter - Honu

Trinity Shatter - Honu
As always, this awesome shatter hit the table for it's known quality and for the price at the Freedom Market. You can not go wrong with Honu product.

Opening this package, it had a strong scent, which is relatively rare in BHO. The aroma is almost exactly like Flintstones vitamins, with a traditional errl smell underneath. Texture is fantastic on this crisp shatter that held up to interaction.

The dab has a warm moistness. It's rich traditional oily flavor with an overarching alfalfa tone. The exhale has more alfalfa and and a nice, bright lemongrass finish.

Sativa. This presents with a fierce mental focus. This cannabis is fast. The effect is energetic, driven and positive. There's strong ongoing uplift with a real productiveness. I felt in rapport, communicative with those to whom I spoke.

Legs on this were really long. At some points this was almost edgy, a bit anxious. I suffered some pretty serious restless leg syndrome, squirming in the chair, and for a few moments I had to fight to stay in my seat and get my work done. The end was really smooth.

Overall, this is the kind of sativa I am often looking for - potent, energetic, and powerful. I'll definitely be after the Trinity again.