Friday, October 28, 2016

Blue Chillie Shatter - Gravity Thieves at High 5 Cannabis

Blue Chillie Shatter - Gravity Thieves
I picked this Blue Chillie up at my favorite store in Vancouver, WA.  Then, the next night, I met the whole Gravity Thieves team! They were at a Meet the Vendor event at High 5, along with several glassblowers including Jenkins Glass who were just in #Lampwork, and Valley Blown who were there for Marijuana Encyclopedia Ep 29 with our friends Heavenly Buds!

Right away, from any angle this product is slightly dark. When you look at it straight through the packaging, it's got a nice orange-edged amber hue. It's glass-like shatter consistency. You can see the slabs were layered to weigh up.

When Calista, the owner of High 5, first showed me the packaging, I gotta say I thought it was ingenious! What a great method to highlight the product. Then when I visited the store I thought, "Oh. Acrylic." When I got it home, I also though, "Oh, it's that kind of acrylic".  After speaking with one of the owners, I see why they chose it.

For one the result of packaging is great. All parchment or silicone type packaging can leach all sorts of chemicals into your dabs. Glass can be just as tough as acrylic to get the last bit. So, no matter the packaging, there are compromises, and I get the ones they've made. Good result!

This has a hashy, earthy flavor. I'm not saying this is a bad thing, but it definitely had a taste like clay-rich mud. The smoke is somewhat dry, and really one dimensional on that earthiness.

Instantly, I had an uplifted, stand-up high. Before exhaling, I was feeling daring. I recently had a hernia repair surgery, and a few days before that fell and hurt my knee. This was one of my 'come-back' extracts. Dabbing on this strong, creative strain kept me feeling good while playing Settlers of Catan with DabTech Danny. Along with all that good uplift, there were moments of complex, deep stoniness, where I was just momentarily lost from reality.

Overall, especially after hanging out with the Gravity Thieves team at High 5 Cannabis in Vancouver, WA's event for them, I feel this was skillfully extracted. I'm still not entirely in love with the acrylic.

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