Thursday, October 20, 2016

Ewok - Rogue Raven at North Bay MJ

Ewok - Rogue Raven at North Bay MJ
We just recently had Rogue Raven wax on review, and there's more on deck! I was glad to grab some flower on a recent trip to North Bay, which is just such a beautiful fall drive up into the Key Peninsula and around the incredible Case Inlet.

The smell on this is purple as hell! Deep rich berries so syrupy and grapey it's insane - at the same time the flower has an intense citrus diesel aroma that is palpable. At the very end of the smell, there's a repulsive note of overly sweetness.

On the inhale this is Purplesaurus Rex, the lemonade-grape combo Kool-aid. This grapey-tart flavor continued with a mild mint leaf on the exhale. There is barely the sensation of an aftertaste of mint. What it feels like a half minute after pressing a fresh mint leaf to your tongue.

The high on this was instantaneous and calming. The chill was everything on the body, yet my mouth would not stop. We all had rubbergums, there must have been three conversations at once between the four of us smoking. This didn't interfere with communication at all!

While no one felt like they were from the Forest Moon of Endor, but it definitely was a properly chill sesh where we made friends.

Overall, I think Rogue Raven does wonderful things. I can't wait to get them on the Marijuana Encyclopedia, they're a high quality brand whose story I'd love to know!

On a personal note, today I'll be heading into the second surgery in a year to hopefully resolve some health issues. The site should still be pretty active as I've got lots of great content coming your way! Don't forget to check us out on all the social media esp insta and twitter -  @theAgingEnt and @marijuana_encyclopedia_ as well as @dabtechdanny!

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