Friday, October 7, 2016

Seattle Cough - Dutch Brothers Farms at North Bay MJ


Seattle Cough - Dutch Brothers Farms at North Bay MJ

The first time I walked  into North Bay, the awesome little retailer in Allyn, I was instantly struck by this particular package of cannabis. Hanging up at my eye level, right in the center of the display wall, this 4 gram bud was just overflowing the package it's in. I normally don't purchase anything beyond 1 gram packages (since I purchase so many varieties), but I had to get this nug.

Opening the packaging, I'm a bit uncertain as to how well the nitrogen purge process worked. The packaging is a peel-apart box, which itself has a ton of adhesive on it, holding the two layers together pretty well. It does't seem air-tight though.

Inside, the container is a two-part plastic box. There's a small amount of heat-seal (what looks like maybe an evacuation tube that follows behind the nitrogen process). However, the vast majority of this relatively thin plastic box is left unsealed. The whole team inspected this and is pretty skeptical that it had any possibility of being air-tight, which seems to be pretty critical to the whole "nitrogen purge" process. Nevertheless, this is incredible cannabis.

Opening that packaging, a truly intense diesel smell spread throughout the garage studio. It blossomed like rotten fruits and sweet diesel, or maybe skunk spray on cat piss. Whatever it is, it's intense and amazingly pungent. Getting in close and breaking the bud apart, the smell becomes incredible potent, with the diesel-citrus overwhelmingly bright. Deep inside, this is a mouth-watering, life-affirming, female sexual aroma.

The flower itself is incredible. Lovely, wild hairs are everywhere and the trichomes are so thick, it's like icing in some places.

On the inhale, there's a fierce sweet-tart sensation on the tongue. It's like licking Kool-Aid straight from the packet, and blossoms into a nice black tea flavor with vegetative, slightly earthy undertones riding the bottom palate. Exhaling, and a few moments later, there's that cough, a nice tight throat pinch. It's expected to come back with some sharpness.

Before the bowl went around two times, I had a strong eye feeling, with a nice clean uplift that rose up the temples. While a general sense of well-being overcame me, a smile spread on my face. I'm just so content here, the uplift and emotional positivity is delightful.

While the effects are intense, and have a long-lasting aftereffect, the high didn't last particularly long. This can be expected from sativas, in general.

Overall, this is a remarkable strain. The smells are powerful and unique, flavors are potent, and the high is intense as well. This is the right price, too, and I found this brand at my new favorite rainforest potshop!

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