Friday, October 14, 2016

Sour Diesel Wax - Made Right at North Bay MJ


Sour Diesel Wax - Made Right at North Bay MJ
On my first visit to our awesome sponsor North Bay MJ up in Allyn, WA, I picked up this incredibly priced cannabis from this high quality brand out of Spokane, I've only had this brand once before but I've seen a ton of their product on social media, so I'm glad to be able to smoke this!

Twisting open the jar, there's a sweet, mild cedar smell under soapy, clean aroma. This has an incredible texture like beeswax, or a paper made of wax. It crumbles instantly to the touch. It seems to very slightly, with mild terp expression gently all over. This is like flakes of soft wax.

On the inhale it's slightly soapy, clean and refreshing. The aroma is redolent of an herb garden. Super smooth inhale, and a variety of pleasant flavors and aromas.  The exhale is a pale black licorice flavor - like star anise. There's an excellent texture of the smoke - very smooth and silky. After taste is herbal as well.  The wax delicately melted at low temps, held up to high temps, and on a bowl of flower it melted nicely down into the buds and smoked well.

Quickly, I found a smile spreading across my being. I was immediately happy, and a bit dimmed at first before a quick uplift. An energetic bite held on for a while. The end on this was clean and clear, if not exceptionally strong. Legs were just decent.

Overall, this was a premium quality product, with great flavor presence, and exceptional texture. I'm definitely coming back for more Made Right concentrates at this price.

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