Thursday, October 27, 2016

Super Lemon Haze - Heavenly Buds


Super Lemon Haze - Heavenly Buds

Our friends at Heavenly Buds have always got some top quality product, but sometimes you open a bag and it's just so more than you expected. 

Opening the bag, the aromas are intense. A bright, almost bubbly lemon smell rises up and spreads sharply. The edges and corners of this smoke hold a smudgy haze. When it warms through manipulation, the lemons become even more clear and a diesel screams a high note.

The bud itself is full of bright greens, crusted with hashy trichomes, and thick clumps of bright gingery hairs are everywhere. This breaks down into a nice mushy texture, with that crust of crystals sparkling. 

Inhaling the smoke is smooth and wide as the lemon flavor spreads juicily throughout the palate. The haze is definitely present in the sides of the flavor, especially through the exhale. That smoke has a bright component to the burnt flavor. There's a slight minty sensation as an aftereffect.

Energy rises up and a sense of oneness spreads out. I felt good, tranquil for a moment, collected and within myself. Then, this high became very intense, with a rushing surge of energy that lasted a considerable time. I felt productive, focused, and attentive. 

Overall, this flower was about perfect. The bud is beautiful, and the aromas are intense and powerful. The effects were sativa and energy and productivity and just what I needed. And the legs were so very long, I almost stayed up too late with all the potency. 

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