Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Black Domina - Terpene Station in Brooklyn, PDX


Black Domina - Terpene Station in Brooklyn, PDX

I got this incredible flower on my first ever trip down into Portland's cannabis community. I was taken by my great friend Mat Lee of Hotbox.Earth and and CannabizJournal and so many places! He's prolific, too. We went to the Northwest Cannabis Club (my new home away from home) and experienced their Cannaversary, and also found Terpene Station. It was the Cannaversary there too! So this sweet bud got shot and smoked, then we wrote a quick review while in Oregon, because you can't bring herb across the borders.

The flower itself is blurple. Under the deep frosting of crystals, there is an almost bluish hue to the dark green flower. The bud is dense and has bright orange hairs everywhere. This is incredible. I got to pick the bud, from a jar. It was an amazing experience to pick out my particular nug and I grabbed one exactly a gram!

Breaking this down, the aroma is beautiful, clean huckleberry, with a sage undertone. These aromas are accompanied by a wild,vegetative funk and a deep skunky smell at the end.

Right away the flavor is grab. Inhaling this is herbal undertone, then a few hits into the bowl, it mellowed out into a balanced sweetness with blackberry flavor. The deep berry rolls into into a robust merlot in the deep ends of the bowl. Clean cannabis flavors persisted through to the end, with purple, slightly floral notes to the very last hit.

A smooth chill settled over the smoke session with this, we all got a bit slowed down. The high was very centered in the body and truly calming. This had a sleepy end, and was really restful.

After buying this, I went back to the Cannabis Club, met the owners of Terpene Station and I hung out with them for a bit. It was fantastic to be able to hang out and smoke outside on the patio, chill with other adults, and enjoy cannabis together!

Overall, the flavor on this was intense and hung around on the lips quite a while. You don't really see this dark blurple cannabis that often, and it was through and through. Also, the effects were profound. I have gone back to Terpene Station for more cannabis each time I visited Portland, and I definitely will keep going!

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